A convenient way of getting around in Gothenburg is by renting a bike

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rent a bike
Everywhere in Gothenburg you are able to order a bike through internet by computer or mobile with android. You find the applikation for android here>>>. If you use a computer then order a bike on this page . You are also able to read more about another option. Like using a three days citycard that includes three days rent of a bike. In Gothenburg Sweden there are not so many in the conduit or higher positions there are able to translate to english so I´ve used google translate here.
Station Terminals, where you'll find a bike, are located within 300 meters of each other and are all located in central Gothenburg. These are the station therminals accessible for those who want to rent or return a bike.
There is a therminal at each station. All therminals accept a Season Subscription Card and a three-day subscription. These you buy on internet
A three-day subscription costs 10 dollars and a season subscription card costs 250 SEK and is drawn in both cases from the debit card.

If you would like to go on longer rides then please check some of my bicykle tours>>>.

with bike through south of sweden
I've made some trips with bike through the south of sweden. Please check this out.

midnight sun
If you ever get the opportunity then try arctic circle in north of sweden by midsummer
. A renarkable clean air, the silence, nice people and great nature. You'll get an experience for life.

Airports in Gothenburg
At the moment just one for commercial flights

Bus in Gothenburg
Another affordable way to get around in Gothenburg