Sweden is a wonderful country to spend on a bike

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Around Gothenburg you've got many beautiful tracks to follow through bicykle. The picture is showing the road across fjaeraas Braecka south from Kungsbacka where you pass a lot of old cultural buildings and landscapes that make you dream about old times in the north. I give you tips on places to stop, what to see and where to enjoy the landscape on bikedenmark.nu

Sweden got a landscape with both hills and flat heaths. I spent a summer of the northern Sweden in 2001. I took some pictures from a good tour round Haparanda. Check out the pictures>>>

I also got the opportunity to travel with bike along the west coast in Sweden and then a tour through Denmark. See more on these pages>>>

Airports in Gothenburg
At the moment just one for commercial flights

Bus in Gothenburg
Another affordable way to get around in Gothenburg