Sweden is a wonderful country to spend on a bike. Try the wonderful and clean landscape in the north.


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Here I´ve made a google map for a trip with bicycle that are quite sufficient for a trip. You'll see some photos and a short description if you click on the the links below. In summertime during midsummer the landscape is just fantastic around this area. The sun never goes down and the air are propable the cleanest around our world. If you get here with bike a good trip could also be crossing the border and go to the finnish village called Kemi. You'll find Kemi just 30 km to southeast from Torneå and you've got plenty of small roads for bike. But don't forget to take a map if you are planning biking in Finland because they've got some strange signs for bikes. Along Torne river you've got buses there are able to carry your bike if you want a rest while getting back again.

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