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volvo ocean race 2018 Gothenburg
On wednesday, 14:th of June, the ships from Volvo ocean race are reaching Gothenburgs harbour

. Take a trip down to the harbour and check it out. You've got a lot of stuff going on the pier down here with no entrance. Read more on volvooceanrace.com. I visited last race. Check it out here>>>

a very fast ladyGöteborgsvarvet 2018
We had a fantastic saturday with ten of thousand of spectators to Goteborgsvarvet. I got some pictures. Please check them out here.

tough viking 2018Tough viking 2018 gave good entertainment. I got some pictures.

boatfair is open
Boatfair 2018 is started.
Take a trip to swedish mass for some inspiraton.

christmas fairs in Gothenburg 2017
The Christmas fairs in Gothenburg has started
. The haga Cristmas fair is the first this season too. I got some pictures. You´ll find more christmas fairs here>>>

first snow in gothenburg this winter
First snowflakes this winter fell in Gothenburg today.
Looks like we are getting a cold week. Check it out on weather in Gothenburg.

time for annua÷christmas markets
Now the annual christmas fairs are starting again. On saturday the annual dristmas fair in Haga Gothenburg opens. You'll see pictures from some of the fairs 2016 here>>>>

apartments for rent in Gothenburg
Apartments for rent in Gothenburg
. I am getting questions about free apartments and room in Gothenburg from foreign seekers. I found some sites that could be interesting for finding a room or flat. Please check it out here>>>.

european championship horses gothenburg
This week the town is filled with horses and jockeys.

sweaty and powerful
We had an exciting swimrun competition in our southern archipelago during the last weekend.
400 runners tried to cross the islands and the sea between them in a 33 kilometer long land trail and 6 kilometers swimming. I got some pictures>>>

world famous old carvings in Tanum
If you would like to see some of our first letters or book writing in Scandinavia you should visit the old stone carvings in Vitlycke Tanumshede.
We actually began writing down signs for about 4000 years ago. The scientists has been interpreting these carvings as worship for gods, beggings and lot of other things. I maybe should see them as good old stories from our ancient ancesters. I'll give you a couple of pictures on world-info.se

this week starts the biggest soccer tournament in the world
This week Gothenburg will be filled with thousand of soccerloving youngsters
1661 teams, 40200 players, 82 nations and all their parents, functionairs and thier equipment managers gonna fill up this little city with people during the week. The building on the picture is Gothia cup academy where the head group is trying to coordinate all the logistics, food, lodging and matches during the week. Trust me tese guys are busy right now. You are actually able to follow the games through the web. On computer or smartphone. Check it out here>>>

askims bath
Next week all of sweden is celebrating midsummer
The majority of swedes is having parties or are out having big meals. There are though some places for you as a tourist to visit. I'll give you some examples here>>>

enourmus boat
We got an exciting visit last friday
. The Norwegian getaway landed in the harbour during the day. Loaded with tourists who wanted to check old parts of Gothenrburg. This is the largest passengers ship ever visited Gothenburg harbour. Read more about it here>>>

goteborgsvarvet 2017
Goteborgsvarvet 2017 got more then 60000 runners this year.
People everywhere. Both runners, markets, trolleys, cars and you name it. I got some pictures.

Looking for older news? Please check this out>>>

wonderful friday eveningWe had a fantastic evening for Gothenburg Prioritet Grand Prix. This race is the introduction for Gothenburg giro who runs during the weekend. I got a couple of pictures. Check them out here>>>

I got some pictures from the annual chalmers cortege
This is an old tradition that gathers a lot of people in Gothenburg.

hanami gothenburg
Bothanical garden plants are giving flowers everywhere at the moment.
If you are in the city then put together a good picknick basket and enjoy the cherry flowers. You'll get a lot of fresh stuff in saluhallen. I showed some pictures from China nearly two months from now. This week the cherries are also giving flowers up in the cold Sweden.

tough viking 2017
Sunny but windy on this year of tough viking in Gothenburg.
I got some pictures.

try electric bike
Time for a visit in Bothanical garden
. Spring is here and the bulbs or onions are showing their flowers. I got a couple of pictures.
try electric bike
This weekend Gothenburg city museum started a new exhibition called Gothenburgs birth
. This one shows the origin of todays Gothenburg and displays some of the findings archeologists made during the work for a new center in Gamlestan. Very interesting.
try electric bike
We got an interesting fair about bicykles in Gothenburg this weekend. Lot of vehicles to try, a lot to discover about the development of electric, racing, commute and mountain bikes this weekend. I managed to get some pictures. Check them out on bikedenmark.nu >>>
semla time
Every swede eats semla this time of year
. A long tradition before the fasting. Well, I am lying if I say every swede eats these fat buns but you see them everywhere. I show you a recipe here>>>.
annual booksaleTime for the annual booksale. You're gonna see a lot of bookstores that are announcing book sale all around Sweden on Wednesday. I think it looks like sale in other parts of the world. The only difference is that this sale just conatins books,
gothenburg boatfairHuge boatfair this year I got some pictures but I where not able to see all of the fair during one afternoon. Prepare your self on a long day with a lot to discover. The boatfair is running all week and stops next weekend. Take the opportunity to see what is happening here this week. You´r nearest hotel for this fair is Gothia towers. new years eve gothenburg Sweden
Happy new year from Gothenburg Sweden

xmas fairs

Time for christmas
In a couple of weeks Gothenburg is filling their streets with fairs for christmas. You are able to buy everything from paper for your gifts to sausages. I give you acouple of tips here>>>
free wifi
We soon got free wifi all over the town
The tourist concuil is increasing the number of hot spots all over the city. This makes you able to connect to rest of the world for no money. I've pointed out most of the hotspots here>>>
wonderful colours at the moment
The autumn is here with colours and harvest.
If you are in Gothenburg then try bothanical garden just a kilometer from the cityt.
try the indoor zoo in Gothenburg
A tip for your vacation in Gothenburg is the universeum
. Something like an indoor zoo with djungle, animals, exhibitions that gets everyone curious about everything from nature to history. At the moment there is a display about the iceage here in europe. I got some pictures. Check it out here>>>
biggest flee market in scandinavia
If you would like to see ordinary citisens in Gothenburg you should try the annual big flee market in Majorna
This is an event arranged by the local tentants association where everyone are out on the streets to selling their old clothes, furnitures, stereo, telly and whatever they find. I got some pictures. Check it out here>>>

tough viking
We had thousands of spectators and a lot of participants trying the Tough viking in Slottskogen last saturday the 23:rd of april
. Quite amusing to see. I took some pictures.

boat to southern archipelago
Vasttrafik tells us that they will start a new ferryline from Stenpiren in central Gothenburg this summer to Vrangoe in the southern archipelago. The ferry will start every bankday by 10:50 and then pass Saltholmen for the journey down to Vrangoe. It will go back again 15:35 from Vrangoe, bankdays, and a little later in weekends. This is an affordable and comfortable way of seeing the coast during your visit here.

enjoy this wonderful garden
Spring has arrived in Gothenburg Sweden
Right now 200000 bulb plants are showing their coulours in Gothenburg Bothanical garden. I show you some pictures here>>>

volvo ocean race Gothenburg 2018
Looks like Volvo ocean race gets back to Gothenburg in 2018

inspiring photosVisit Gothenburg Art museum and enjoy the inspiring photographs from Esko Maennikkoe

the annual book sale starts tomorrow
Tomorrow starts the annual Book sale in Gothenburg
I'll deliver some pics and tips from the stores of books later on. People are rushing from early hours to different bookstores in Gothenburg. Read an article from the Gothenburg post last year here>>>

problem with the snow
Looks like rallysweden got problems with the snow this year. Glenn Olsson writes on rallysweden.com that they had plenty of snow and ice until last week but all this raining and plus degrees has spoiled their hope for a good winter rally. Read more on rallysweden.com

make a visit on some of our museums
At the moment you´ve got Gothenburg boatfair or bootshow all week on exhibition and conference center
. Are you curious about what is happening in boats and sea you should definitely make a visit.

make a visit on some of our museums
Visit our maritime museum
. You learn a lot about the inhabitants in the sea around us, the history of shipping in Gothenburg and got some simulators you do not see on other places.

new website
Currently I am moving.
I am doing the second effort in making my websight more mobilefriendly and are trying with a slightly new design. Earlier I wrote in english on http://www.citygbg.se but are now redirecting most of the english pages here to this new domain. http://www.citygbg.nu/ . My intention is to give you some suggestions on what to see in Gothenburg Sweden. From the beginning I wrote citygbg.se after been guiding tourists from all over the world in Gothenburg and after the guiding I got questions like where to eat, what to see, how you get to the beach and then made a decision by publishing a page with tourist information that "normal" pages did not offer. Usually you see a lot information about hotels and accommodation in Gothenburg but nothing about different museums, the harbour and places around Gothenburg. Like the archipelago, old cultural buildings and how you get a bus or tram. If you got any questions about Gothenburg then please send me a mail and I will answer as soon as possible.

You are getting much value for your money in Sweden at the moment.The swedish krona is falling and it is nearly deflation here because the salary has not been rising for the last years. This means that if you are paying with Euro you´ll get 15% more then last year.

As you propably are aware of these nordic countries where home of the famous vikings that where the first europeans to discover north america. In 1933 one farmer 40 kilometers north of Gothenburg discovered a ship in his field during ploughing. This ship, Aeskekaerr ship is the only viking-ship that still remains from this period. You are actually able to see it in Gothenburg city museum. They are also showing a lot of information from this period.

free course in swedish
Free courses in Swedish
try learning some basic swedish before you get here. These are free and from the swedish institute.
gothia towerGothia towers
Planning for vacation? This year we except lot of tourists in Sweden because the swedish crown lost its currency and you´ll get much for your money both in restaurants, shops and everything else.