Volvo Museum, take a look on how people lived in Gothenburg during the last century

You'll find the volvomuseum by Arendal skans on Hisingen. See location on . The opening hours are 10-17 tuesday to Thursday, 10-16 saturday and also got opened monday 10-17 during May, June, July and august.

an environmental bus
When you pass the doors you'll see a lot of conceptvehicles during the last 50 years. This is an ECB or Volvo Environmental Concept Bus that was driven by a gas turbine and got 80 seats for passengers. The mirrors on this bus was webcams you could turn in different directions.

tha saints P1800, built by jensen motor company
Off course youll see The Saints Volvo P1800 on one floor. This car was actually designed and built in Italy. The designer was our famous boat-designer Pelle Pettersson. Between 1961 and 63 the english factory Jensen built it. In 1963 the production got moved to Gothenburg.

This is how the first Volvo looked like. The designation was OV4 that means Open Wagon, 4 cylinders. Below the hood you got a 1940 cc straight 4 cylinders Sidecam on 28 hp. The chassi where made of wood and got a weight of 1200kg. Top speed was 90 km/h and that was quite a remarkable speed during the twenties.

33 years volvo
In the thirties volvo looked like other cars these years. This is a volvo pv653 from 1933. With a 6 cylinder Sidecam engine and 65 hp it where able to drive faster then 100 km/h. You could buy two types of this car. 653 standard and the 654 Luxury. The 654 had one more spare wheel and reversing light.

volvo golf
You also got an exhibition about Volvo Golf with golfsimulator for you to try.

volvo ocean race
and volvo ocean race with films on the wall and equipment. You could easely spend a whole day here. read more about this exciting place on

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