Close to Hotel Gothia Towers, Lisebergs tivoli and world culture museum you've got Universeum.

universeum offers an indoors zoo, lot of exhibitions that are exciting to see both for adults and children
Universeum is a kind indoor zoo with a lot of other exhibitions on different floors in the building. It rains also in Gothenburg and this could be a good option when the sun is not shining.
top of the buildingOn the top of the building you are able to see a display about the waters way from the mountain top in north of sweden to the coast in Gothenburg.
fish in the north
Like this char from a mountain lake. These fishes taste delicious and are a quite popular dish in the north. You also got a lot of these in the big lake Vaettern. You are able to get them fresh smoked in the little village called Hjo not far from Gothenburg. I beleive you are also able to buy them at feskekorkan(fish church) in Gothenburg.

At the moment universeum is showing an exhibition about the iceage here in north europe. This is a fullsize of a mammuth from the time between 100000 and 20000 BC.
smilodon or sableteeth tiger
Another animal you had to avoid where these smilodon that where quite big and much more powerful then todays big cats.
neanderthal humans
During this ice age we where populated with this kind of human. The neanderthals who where exterminated 20000 BC. Did you know that most people living in the north europe today got 1-4% dna from the neanderthal while the original people from africa does not have any at all? I suppose the weman amongst neanderthal preffered the more good looking africans instead of their own husbands and that made all of us more chro magnon(african immgrants).
moisty, warm and swetty
Close to this exhibition you are able to enter the djungle in universeum. When you get in here from the cold air you get hit by a very damp and warm air. You'll need a couple of minutes before you'll get used to it.
beautiful birds and animals
You are then walking amongst wild animals like these scarlett ibis.
wolrds most poison snake
Close by you'll se another display called "beautiful but dangerous". This is an exhibition with different dangeorous snake, spiders and frogs. Like this inland Taipan who should be the most poison snake we've got on earth. The poison should be 50 times more powerful than the poison from the indian cobra.
north americas most poison snake
The northamerican eastern diamond rattle snake should be northamericas most dangeous one.

christer fuglesang
The technotech is showing a lot about our own astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, amongst different experiment you are able to make. Like what is your wheight on different planets in our solarsystem, how skilled you are in space travelling, how do you manage stress and a lot of other stuff for children and adults. Read more about the universeum at>>>

The aquarium is showing sharks and this open display of a coral reef with rays, sharks and different fishes.