SAAB Museum, is a different story then Volvos. SAAB developed their cars from aeroplanes.

SAAB started as a aeroplane factory and the first SAAB got developed by aircraft ingenieurs. That is a reason to the very unusual design these years.

saab museum on akerssjovagen 18 in trollhatten
You'll find SAAB museum on Åkerssjövägen 18,461 55 Trollhättan. Read more on their websight
an environmental bus
The first produced SAAB where called SAAB 92001 and are standing in a glasscage just some steps from the entrance of the museum. These prototypes where equippefd with DKW:s two stroke engine and where built in 20 copies during 1947-49.

tha saints P1800, built by jensen motor company
In december 1949 SAAB started the serial production of this car. This first serial produced SAAB where equipped with a 768 cc two strokes engine on 25 hp and where run by the front-wheels. It also got a free wheel who get in order when you released the accelerator. They had to involve this function because the two strolke engine where not able to lubricate the engine during engine braking. The free wheel also decreased the fuel consumption and made it an affordable car to drive for common people. Front wheel drive, free wheel and the aerodynamic design made this car famous all over the world. The coefficient for air where as low as 0,32 and the wheight where not more then 880 kg which made it efficient and affordable to drive. It also made an impressive speed of 105 km/hour. This car where involved, from the start in many rallies all over the world. One of the engineurs who designed the car, Rolf Mellde, actually took second place in the swedish rally just a couple of weeks after it had been sold to the public. Read more about this SAAB on

Soon SAAB tuned the engine to give 35 hp and with this new SAAB 93 A 750 GT from 1956 with 65 hp in its rallye version. It where many sold in Sweden with more modest 33 hp and a special model for th US market with 56 hp.

33 years volvo
1962 Erik Carlsson won Monte carlo rally in this SAAB 96. This SAAB 96 sport where equipped with disc brakes on the front wheels. A quite unusual equipment during the early sixties. The motor where a three cylinder 750 cc two stroke engine tuned to 42 hp on Eric Carlssons rally wagon. The usual ones had just 33. The car where slower then most of the other cars in this competition but due to its low wheight, Erics good braking with rear, it succeded in getting first and world champion.

volvo golf
The car with its famous monte carlo sign.

volvo ocean race
Another famous car driven by Erik Carlsson and his wife Pat Moss was this SAAB sonett II 1966

the stig Blomquist
This is the famous SAAB 99 turbo rally who won swedish rally in 1979 with Stig Blomqvist behind the wheel. This was the first turbo equipped rally car in Rally VM. The engine where not too different then the standard version that gave 145 hp. This one, rally version, produced 270. There was though some big differences in gearbox and gearing the car where equipped with better suspension and no differential. The car made 0-100 km/h in just 6 seconds.

the stig Blomquist
This is another exciting car. Eric Carlssons SAAB 96 V4 which he used in BAJA 1000 1969. He succeded in getting third. A reason for that where that someone had suggested he used bigger wheels to get a better ground clearance. That led to broken drive shafts and he had to wait for spare parts during the rally. The engine was tuned to 105 hp and made quite a good speed on sand.

the stig Blomquist
You'll see most of SAAB:s sportcar SAAB sonett in the entrance.