Roehsskas design museum gives you a lot about different thinking the last centuries.

Roehskas design museum is opened again.

an environmental bus
Roehsskas design museum you'll find on Vasagatan 39 near kungsportsavenyn in Gothenburg. You are able to get here by tram, bus or just walk from the trains in Gothenburg.
chinese stegosaurusOn the first floor you enter the yellow room where you are able to see some furnitures from 1700 called Gustaviansk style. These furnitures are made from 1600 to end of 1700.

malmsk whale
On the other side of the room there is furnitures from the beginning of 1800:es Called nyklassicism. The industries has just begun in Sweden.
cafe inside a whale
Further on we travel to the end of 1800:es and beginning of 19. This style is called art noveau or jugend.
whales from all over the world
In the twenties there where a lot of designers active in Sweden. Mostly for furnitures.
We got influences by a lot of designers from outside Sweden like Le Corbusier. Here is a kitchen involved in the exhibition celebrating Gothenburgs 300 years jubilée.
the lynx is fast
In the bottom of the museum you've got a nice café and restaurant where you are able to get a good meal fro 89 skr(9€) and cup of coffe with our cinnamon bun for just 25 skr(2,50€). Se more on