Natural history museum shows you all about our development in science from nature.

an environmental bus
In the museum you are able to check everything from collections on animals to fossiles, geological science and plants. Exciting museum both for grown ups and children. The museum is open every day except mondays from 10-17 in the afternoon. Here you are also able to get a good lunch, buy souverniers and get guiding along the collections. At the moment they are showing us "the history of life" where you are able to follow everything from fossiles to our current inhabitants on earth. On first floor you'll se an exhibition with the first humans on earth. On display is some of the australipithecus, heidelbergensins, neanderthal and chro magnong. The first humans on this earth.
chinese stegosaurusOn the next floor you are able to see a lot about found fossiles like this chinese stegosaurus.
malmsk whale
On this floor you are also able to see many of our seaanimals like a lot of different whales. This is the Malmska Whale that where found about 10 kilometers south from the museum in the mid 1800:es. The whale got lost and stranded on a due beach. It was not able to get out again and the whale where to heavy for any fisherman to tie out on the sea again. Eventually some farmers got it to natural history museum where it became stuffed and used as exhibition and café. Yes they actually used this creature as a café.
cafe inside a whale
Here you could get a coffee or hot chocolate during the 1800:es.
whales from all over the world
There is also an exhibition with most of the whale and dolphines you'll find all over the world. Most of them are seen in our waters around Scandinavia.
On the next floor you are able to see a great exhibition about mammals.
the lynx is fast
Among all our Lynx that are seen nearly all over Sweden. See more on