Museums, in and round Gothenburg

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some pics from an old castle
Elfsborgs fortress
This is a fortress built in 1667 to hold the river from the danes. You've got a museum inside that tells more about this building. About the great battle with Tordenskjold (a mean danish king). How people looked like and some stories about the life on Elfsborg. You'll see the location on google maps here>>>

Another fortress called "skansen kronan" built 1687 when the king from Denmark wanted to attack Gothenburg from the south. You've got a museum with old weapons, suit of armors and other things from this time inside. The museum is opened by daytime during the summer and you are also able to rent it for conferences, weddings and similar things.

Visit the city museum to check what we did here a couple of thousand years ago

try the big boat simulator
Try the big boat simulator on Maritime museum
It is fun just to look at people trying to control a 200000 supertanker in our harbour. You also learn a lot about our sponsored pirates in Gothenburg, the development of shipping in this part of the world.

an old summerhouse just in the middle of todays Gothenburg
Queen Christina:s hunting seat. A place where Queen Christina in the middle of 17:th century wanted a private summer cottage. You'll find it near "Kungsgatan" and the harbour in an area called"Otterhallan".

view pictures from a restauration
Gunnebo castle

Gunnebo House is one of Sweden's best and stylistically one of the purest examples of neo-classical architecture. It is beautifully situated between two lakes, Rådasjön and Stensjön, in the Municipality of Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg. At the moment they are restoring parts of the castle. This is a webcamera following the work.
Oh! Beg my pardon. I forgot to tell you Sweden is GMT +1 so the picture is black during our nights.
from the top

Please visit this place and go up to the top of building. From there you are able to watch a little creek from north of sweden with salmon trout and other wild life belonging here. Under roof you've got a jungle with the right climate and animals from south america. You will not regret the visit. I show ou some pictures here>>>

Other Museums in the neighbourhood
The Nordic Watercolour Museum

Gothenburg Natural History Museum

Maritime Museum of Goth rg
Gothenburg is an old harbour
Läckö castle
Another place to make a visit. This place you find at our big lake Vänern. Looks like it´s taken from the old fairy tales.
design museumRoehsska museum
Exhibitions, History, Collections on swedish design. The adress is Vasagatan 37-39.
Västergötlands museum
is very popular at the moment because scientists are arguing where sweden started
Bohuslaens museum
The museum is well known for its extensive monthly programme of events, free admission and generous opening hours.

Museeum of World Culture
Just 100 meters from universeum.