The art museum in Gothenburg offers interesting exhibitions.

This is the museum with photographic displays. You also got the more traditional paintings in similar building. Check it out here>>>

photo like art
At the moment you are able to enjoy a display with Esko Maennikkoe:s photographs. Esko is born in Uleaborg in Finland and are known for his pictures of old men in North of Finland. This exhibition he calls "Time flies" where all the photos are presented in picture frames that makes the photos look like painings.

mona lisa
This photo looks like Mona Lisa and you get temptated to search for a signature in the right corner.

old house
He also loves taking pictures on old abandonded buildings like this old kiosk.

an old door
And doors in these buildings.

old door
Another old door.


I published some more photos on my photoblog(in swedish).

You are able to visit the museum with this display til 8:th of May this year. If you are in Gothenburg this time of year then got to Gotaplatsen.

another door

a red chair

In the Hasselblad exhibition you got pics from other photographs

annica von hauswolff
Annica von Hauswolff gives another kind of brave pictures. I love this giant picture on a couple of handsets. Incredible resolution and quite amazing to look at.

nursing home for older
another exciting photographer is Anders Kristiensson who shows his pictures about "traces of population. This is a picture from a nursing home in Gothenburg. He managed to pick 7 different expressions on faces.

law firm
And a quite different picture of lawyers in their working outfit.

eritrean refugees
A picture of Eritrean refugees in sweden.

Truck drivers from the Kiruna mine