The art museum in Gothenburg als shows some of the famous artists in oil, aquarell, statues and similar.

You also got many inspiring exhibitions with photos. Check it out here>>>

photo like art
On sixth floor of this art museum you'll see art from the 19:th century. Like the skagen painters, impressionism, different landscape painters and similar. Mostly from Scandinavia.

mona lisa
Half of sweden population emigrated to the United States during the 19:th century. Most of them by taking a boat from Gothenburg and here is one painting made by Geskel Saloman "Emigrates travelling to Gothenburg". Geskel Saloman where a famous painter during the 19:th century and became a member of the swedish academy of arts. Unfortunately you don´t find too many paintings or photographs about the emigrants travelling to the states so this painting is famous just illustrating the event.

old house
Another famous swedish painter during the 19:th century is Gustaf Cederström who are illustrating Karl the 12:ths funeral procession 30 November 1718. Peopla are still arguing about how this swedish king got killed. Some say it was a button from an officers tunic of his own soldiers and others say it was a norwegian bullet. This painting was made in 1878 and where sold in Paris to the Russian Duke Konstantin Konstantinovitj and then placed in marble palace St. Petersburg. However the swedish population wanted such a famous painting of their king placed in Sweden and a an arrangement for collecting money for a new painting where arranged. Gustaf then got money for a second painting and the second painting is now on Stockholms art museum. The painting you see in Gothenburg is the original.

an old door
On this floor you are also able to see a couple of Carl Larssons paintings. Carl Larsson is very famous for all his watercolor paintings. He illustrated many authors books during the late 19:th centruy like HC Andersen, Topelius and similar. Read more about this famous artist on

old door
Pablo Picasso is represented with a couple of his works. This is his Acrobat family from 1905.


I published some more photos on my photoblog(in swedish).


strange donkey
On 5:th floor you'll see some of the older paintings made by masters like Rubens and Rembrandt. This is Knight with falcon by Rembrandt