The city museum in Gothenburg offer a lot of information about old Sweden

Stories about the old Vikings
In 1933 a farmer found an old ship during his work with ditching one of his fields. After some investigations he and the archelogists discovered that this was an old freightship from about 900 ad. This ship is now called Vidfamne after the king Ivar Vidfamne who ruled Scandinavia, northern Europe and a part of England during 700 a.d. The ship is a Knarr of 16 meters in lenght and where capable of carrying 16 tons of cargo. A 1000 years ago Sweden where a lot different then today and the sea level about 4 meters higher then today. That made Gothenburg to a gulf that stretched up to nowadays Kungalv. That is one reason to why this ship where found 28 km north from Gothenburg. silver from Lid skepplande
The vikings travelled and, actually, also traded all over europe. In Lid, a small village in skepplanda, a farmer found this silver treasure in 1853. It is about 1/2 kg pure silver. The name Lid is an old Swedish word for bodyguard. The kings nearly always got a couple of bodyguards when they travelled around in Europe. The vikings Old Gothenburg where placed in todays Loedoese. About 44 km north from Gothenburg. In Lodeose you also got a museum with exhibitions about this time in Sweden. See more here>>>

Later on Loedoese got moved to todays eastern part of Gothenburg called gamlestaden(old town) and recently archeologists found a lot of old buildings here. You see some pictures and writing about it on have to scroll down to be able to see english text).

the old wiking ship widfamne
You are able to see a replica of the wiking ship on Järnmalmsgatan 5 maybe 4 kilometers east from Eriksberg.: There is an association that built a replica om the ship Vidfamne found about 30 kilometers north from Gothenburg called "Vikingatida skepp" ships from wiking age. Read more about them here>>> .