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This part of town is an old industrial area of Gothenburg where we built everything from fishingboats to supertankers through last century. Eriksberg started as a mechanical workshop in 1850:es and first produced many diferent kind of products in iron, plate and cast iron. In the 1890:es they suddenly got orders on passenger ships, steam launches and tugs to Denmark, Norway and Finland. In the 1920:es they also built a dry dock in 1915 and started on bigger projects. In 1950 to 1969 this was the most profitable warf in Sweden. After the oil crises and crises for the market everything finished in 1979. Today you'll see another kind of environment out here. Some of the warfs where developed to different kind of schools while others got flats and appartments. You'll still see the big eriksberg crane in Eriksbergs harbour, a nice walk along the water, old ships and also museums near the little square in Eriksberg.

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Near by you see a lot of historical boats in the water. A replica of Goteborg that sailed to China during the 18:th and 19:th century is anchered just a couple of hundred meters from the hotel.

Another replica is the wiking ship I described on city-museum. You are able to see a replica of this ship maybe 4 kilometers to the east from Eriksberg.

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the famous eriksbergs crane
You also got the famous Eriksbergs crane standing near by. A couple of years agor this was the highest place in Sweden for byngy jumping. They are not active at the moment but will propably get started again because that was a popular activity here in Gothenburg.. You got a nice walk along the water from alvsborgs bridge to Lindholmen and are able to walk all the way to city alongst the harbout. Put on a good pair of shoes or borrow a bike and make a wonderful day in summer.