First day of the event was a warm and sunny day

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all are working
The entrance did not show so many visitors as excpected. I heard one counter behing the entrance told me that about 4000 persons had passed her since 12 o clock this day. You get here by the bus "volvo ocean race" who starts from Chalmers technical school Johanneberg to chalmers Lindholmen and stops here at Frihmanspiren between these adresses.

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In the entrance Volvo has placed a library where the elctric bus stops in the library. Just for showing that it is silent and does not commit any pollutions.

main street
In the harbour there is a lot of things going on. Like a visit from our east india ship Gothenburg.

main street
The ship fired a salut by 16pm that where heard all over Gothenburg.

main street
You where also allowed to get onboard this replica of a trading ship from the 18:th century. You are allowed onboard from 14pm to 17pm the rest of the week. Onboard you got a couple of sailors who are able to tell you more about the ship.

main street
You get here either by taking the bus or try the ferry from the opera close to Nordstan. Free entrance even here. The boats are expected to the pier by noon to day, monday the 22:th. I do not know if they manage because at the moment the just get 2 m/s in wind.