The last day got a quite difficult weather for racing sailboats

Someone forgot to add the wind.
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This video shows you all the work the teams had with finding wind for the last legs in port Gothenburg. This harbour is quite tricky to sail in due to all the islets and rocks. You also got many shallows to take care off.

working to finish
on the way to pier I met Abby Ehler from the sca team and I asked her about the physical efforts sailing these boats. The teams told us that they where using about 9000 kcal a day. You could compare it with one kg butter that contains 7950 kCal. Abby told me that their team where two more on the boat and, therefore, "just" used 6-8000 kCal a day. Abby told me that she now needed a vacation.

main street
Abu Dhabi did not make a good inport race this time but had the gold medal secured so they are celebrating with torches the last hundred meters to the port.

On you´ll see that volvo ocean race visits Gothenburg even june 2018