This year we got a lady from ethiopia just 16 years to win the ladies competition.

tp 84 hercules
As usual we had an exchibition from the swedish flying force that flew over the arena at the old record time. However, I think they flew a minute to early. That will say 55 minutes instead of 56. First we saw an tp 84 hercules.

sk 60
And right after six SK 60 school jets. All from F7 in Skara. lady just 16 years old won the womans race
This Belete Tola Meteret from ethiopia won the ladies race this saturday. This woman is just 16 years old and has made a fantastic carrier. She joined, totally unknown, the Ethiopian masterships last winter and achieved a second place that made her participant in the Ethiopian team for worldmastership in half marathon.
Shadrack Kimining won the mens half marathon
Shadrack Kimining took his goal this year and won this half marathon. Then there where, as usual, a lot of runners from kenya on second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place. Then suddenly a Swede by the name of Mikael Ekwall.
mikael Ekwall 7:th place
Mikael Ekwall took 7:th place this year.

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