The Gothenburglap(Göteborgsvarvet) got a nice sunny day this year too. The Kenyan runners are hopeless. They win everything here.

This is Geoffrey Yegon from Kenya, just after him came Amos Kipruto from Kenya and as third runner Leonard Langat from Kenya. Of the ten first places eight where from Kenya.

fancy chemutal as first among women
And guess who won the womens run. Yes, also a runner from kenya. Fancy Chemutal actually wrote a new laprecord for woman with her 1:07:58. Second and third where also from Kenya. The difference between mens and wemans competition where that among the weman there where other nationalities like Ethiopia and Japan. You are able to see the results out on goteborgsvarvet.sestart goteborgsvarvet
This year there where more then 60000 runners that had payed the fee for running, it came more then 50000 to start. That makes this race the biggest half marathon in the world. With all the spectators, more then 200000, the small city of Gothenburg suddenly got 50% more people then usual.
hercules and jas gripen
Just by the old lap record a hercules and 2 JAS Gripen passed over the arena. The old record is 59minutes and 35 seconds.

Some pictures from all the runners. It looked like the queue never stopped.

You saw also a couple of runners that did not care about their time. The just run in their own comfortable tempo.