Many vikings visited tough viking in Slottskogen Gothenburg on saturday the 23:rd

This competition got its inspirations from military marines or coastal hunters. Many of the obstacles got its origin from marines or miltary excercises in military education both in Nordic, european and american militaries. You'll need muscels, endurance and technique to manage all these obstacles. The competitions are arranged in different places like Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Check it out on

swetty hill
One of the first obstacle where to run all the way to the top of this ski jump hill.

hot feets
The next where running through fire
I heard a lot of contenders there where moaning about warm feets.
cold water
And then jump in 6 degrees cold water
. This water where really cold and they had to get whole body beneath water to get it approved.

roman rings
Roman rings requires strong shoulders, arms, triceps and grip.

good if you are a team
This obstacle needed some length on the participants.
If you where short you should go with a team.