Sun, some wind and slight cold air on tough viking 2018


The first obstacle this year was to get through an american football team.

hard obstacle
However, I think these guys had a hard time stopping 50 runners at the same time.

powerfull players
Some of the players looked quite big and powerful.

As you see it looked quite easy to pass this first obstacle but if the got one the runners got problems. I guess this lonely runner are playing with this team normally.

you need good fortune in your shoes to pass this obstacle
This superram looked like you needed good attachment in your shoes and long arms to get up on the ramp.

A lot of struggeling. If you failed you had to run "the moron" wich means you have to run back and forth on the plane beside the ramp.

I show you some pictures here>>>

bragebacken plus atlasstenar
In the end of this track you had to run up to the top of this jump hill "bragebacken", then downwards to finish with a slide. After this hill you've got big soft atlasstones you had to place on top of the barrels.

tunga mjuka atlasstenar
This atlasstones gave a lot of runners problems.

Here you'll need to lift the stones in the right way. Just like power lifting. Whole foot on the ground, bend your knees til you touch the ground with bottom and then lift the stones with a straight back.

These plates where a new kind of obstacle. I saw a lot of different techniques.

Some different ways of taking this obstacle. I wonder what the runner who tried to use his feets for grabbing the plate where thinking.

springa över eld har varit med alla år.
This obstacle has been on this track every year. The smoke where seen all over the arena..