I got some pictures from the race.

såphal presenning

This obstacle looked quite tricky first time I saw it. We where discussing if the runners should try get up to the top from the bottom on this soapy surface.

tunga bollar Just below the slope there where a lot of heavy, awkward balls to lift.

80 kg otymplig boll
The balls had a weight of 80 kg for men and 50 for the ladies. Here you had to use some powerlifting techniques.

mycket backar
To me it looked like there where more hills in this year of the competition.

brannas eller smutsas
The last 100 meters before goal contained a 3 meters fence of wood plank, and then the opportunity to choose between 10000 volts or crawl.

This obstacle where the new one where it looked like most of the runners appreciated being able to rest down the hill.

Many had to fight hard with these balls.

A little technological study.
se till att fa bra grepp
Firts you had to get a good grip below the ball. Important to get both hands in a good position. Then also get a wide position with your feets and bend your knees deep.
blir det riktigt bara lyft
If you get a good grip and standing you just straighten up you legs and back.
You should now got the ball on the right level.
lagg den pa plats
To get the ball in right place.