Lot of people, sweat and fight again on Tough viking 2017. This year the track looked more hilly then last year.

I beleive it also took some longer time then last year. The winner, or winners Wilhelm Karlsson from Tough viking athlete and Kilian Habringer from OCR Norway, finished the track on 46:45. Due to tough vikings website>>>. The quickest of the ladies where Hilde Rörvik Nordstrand on 52:36. See more on live.eqtiming.no.

jag såg mycket folk i och runt slottskogen

As usual, there where a big crowd of audience and active runners all through Slottskogen(castlewood)..

även i år var det eld Even this year you had to run over open fire. These burning straws smoke where seen over most of the city during the saturday.

efter elden låg detta rephinder.
After the bruning obstacle you had to get over this one where it was quite shiny between the ropes. I saw some smaller girls who rolled, insteda of crawling, over the horisontal part of this obstacle.

This obstacle looked like it where popular among lot of runners. You hadf to slide down a soaped tarpaulin.

but first reach the top
But first you had to run to the top of the slope.

I show you some pictures here>>>