A couple of pics from our harbour

pictures from the start of journey
a ship left Gothenburg sunday the 2:nd October 2005 for a journey to China. I managed to get some pictures from elfsborgsbron.
Read more here: The east indiaman Gothenburg is a replica of ships who where trading with chinese porcelain, spices, clothes and other things during 18:th and 19:th century.
They started a travel to Shanghai in Oktober to see how they manage this boat on the atlantic sea, indian and pacifik ocean.

The classic city tour on the Paddan boats shows off the beauty of Göteborg from a waterside perspective.
Discover the harbour with paddan

offers a 45-minute cruise around the moat, the Storahamn canal and harbour.
Very popular cruise by tourists.

Gothenburg where built by people from Holland because our King, Gustaf II, where worried about the base of clay you found in this area. This resulted in a town with a lot of channels. A couple of these old channels are still here and "paddan" (the toad) is showing you the town through these channels.