The match between Right to dream and AIK on skf arena on thursday afternoon where exciting.

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Right to dream is a team from Ghana in africa. They showed a lot of joy, good interplay and a lot of exciting technic. The other team AIK is from Stockholm here in Sweden and played a slightly different kind of football. More fighting.good technic and interplay from the african team
It was an impressive interplay during some periods in first half. In the second aik moved around more and where able to disrurb their game a bit more.

the arena was full with spectators
The skf arena on heden where full with spectators. There where barely no room for anyone to sit anywhere. The speaker told us that it was 700 spectators here during the match. 1-1 in halftime
Half time we had 1-1.
also ti in full time
As in full time.
So they had to decide on penalties. After 5 penalties Right to dream scored one more then aik and they had won.
If you are on another place you could always see them live on livesendings