We had a busy time out on Landvetter airport this weekend.

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The team arrived with flights from Friday to middle of the night between sunday and Monday. We arranged age check on Landvetter airport and that could give some confusion for us and the players. We also had to get buses for transport to different schools hotels and sleeping areas.teams from all over the world, here is a team from portugal
Lot of bags, players, and different languages. This is a portuguese team. We had a skilled portuguese with us at Gothia cup so we handled it properly. Many of these guys spoke english so we did not have to much trouble getting understood.

brasil also talk portuguese
Brasil also speak portuguese. This is a team from Cajamar near Sao Paulo in Brasil.
You are able to follow them on
guys from west africa
These guys from Namibia speaks english. Quite good actually. Namibia got a history with many fights and colonisation. The player who where carrying this flag told me that the colours on the flag got different stories. The blue means Namibias heaven and atlantic ocean, red shows their people and struggle for freedom, white symbolise peace and unity, green their agriculture and vegetation. I wonder how many of us "ordinary" westernes knows what the colours in our flag means.
Read more about Gothia cup on their webpage>>>. You follow this team on

What to do if you feel bored on an airport. Play football off course.