We got some good finals on Old Ullevi the last saturday.

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Two skilled teams met for a final settlement on saturday. The teams where Right to dream from Ghana who won on SKF arena on Thursday and the Tikitaka team from Nigeria. this nigerian tema plays fast and exciting football
The Tikitaka team from Nigeria had not been losing any match during the tournament. They got a slightly different way of playing football. They've got a mission for playing football. Read more about their ideas out on their webpage>>>

you also got skilled players in Right to dream
Also Right to dream got a different way of thinking football. These guys are recuiting players from all over Africa, gives them a schollarship, a good education and a lot of football. Read more on their homepage>>>
rtd started with a hard tempo
Right to dream started with a hard tempo and where soon scoring 1-0.

1-0 to rtd
tikataka increased their speed
Tikitaka then tried increasing tempo but did not succeed in making any goals. They had a lot of shots on goal but noone in the net.
hard struggel from tikitaka
They did fight and I saw a lot of good football.

lot of good playing
Tikitaka stopped right to dream several times but where not so lucky breaking their defenders.
gold medal for Right to dream
Right to dream took the gold medal
happy faces
Happy faces in Right to dreams team.

You are able to see the game here