good seafood
Got a long history as the marketplace for farmers and citypeople where you have been able to buy fresh groceries and vegetables. Nowadays you also got a fantastic range of eateries and shops.

This place is quite central in Gothenburg. Kungstorget you'll find it on google maps here>>> Since the first of July we've got some releived restrictions that say you are allowed to let 8 guests in the different restaurants here. Read more on

good food
In this building you've got restaurants and cafées from all over the world. Also italian like this Bella Pausa you find from the western entrance on to the right.

sundbacks seafood
And also swedish home cooking like this Kok & bar(kitchen & bar) where you are able to get dishes like fried herring, meatballs, swedish plaice and that kind of food.


lot of different shops with fish, crayfish, crabs, herring, salmon and cancer
You´ve got a lot of different shops for groceries inside. Like these two cheese shops with swedish and danish cheese. You are allowed to make a taste and maybe take a chat with the salesmen here.

fish market
On the outside you see a typical swedish square market. When this picture was taken, in februar, you do not see so many but if you go outside in spring, summer or autumn you´ll see, at least, 6 or seven market stalls. If you continue to the harbour you'l find a fish market called Fiskekyrkan(the fish church) where you are able to buy fresh fish and also visit restaurants with seafood. Close by you've got lot of famous restaurants like Sjömagasinet and Fiskekrogen.