Gothenburg are proud of their ability to make good dishes from the seafood. In Gothenburg you've got a lot of michelin stars restaurants and famous chefs. Try some of our famous restaurants.

A place I suggest you avoid is mac Donalds in Sweden. The last ten years we've had many complaints about filth, customer that got sick and rotten hamburgers. Try a real restaurant instead. You've got many affordable in Gothenburg like feskekorka and saluhallen where you are able to buy food to cook in your kitchen, prepared food that you bring home or eat in their different cafées and restaurants here.


good food
By the harbour, nya varvet, you´ve got Nya Varvet Studios. A popular, affordable hotel and restaurant a couple of meters from the sea. You´ll get an excellent lunch for 98 skr, 13$ or 11€. You are also able to book a room from 700 skr, 100$ or 75€ a night. See more here>>>
harrys restaurant gothenburgHarrys you´ll find on Östra Larmgatan 16 near Nordstan in Gothenburg. Serves a bit more luxury food for about 20€ a person.
hotel arkenHotel Arken spa and hotel
Just on the other side of the harbour you´ve got Arken Spa and hotel with a firstclass restaurant.

best of seafood
(The Fish Tavern)
Experience Fiskekrogen green-blue ocean and enjoy the first-class food and drink. Become acquainted with lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, clams and oysters.
Sjömagasinet(The Seahouse)
This is a very popular and famous restaurant that is proud of all their different fish and shellfish they serve. On the restaurant you got famous chefs like Gustav Trädgårdh who became the chef of the year in Sweden 2010. Nowadays he is a very poular chef on different programs in tv.

scandic rubinen kungsprtsavenyn
Scandic rubinen
on kungsportsavenyn 24 offers a good a la carte and a famous drink menu. As a hotel they are also able to manage your conferencies or accommodation.