At the moment FEI european championship is everywhere in town

horses everywhere
Heden, or the moorland, in Gothenburg is busy with the european championship for dressage, jumping and four horses. Read more about it here>>>

try your horsepower
All kind of stands for simulators, food, horse accessories and clothes. This is a smilulator where you are able to test your skills as a jockey. Looked quite sweaty.

all looked like they where eating and drinking beer
Today I saw most of the audience where eating and drinking beer.

sunglasses with integrated reading glassesLi is trying to sell some sunglasses with integrated reading glasses. Read more about them on
protecting your body when falling from a horse
In the same tent you also saw these new protecting jackets. They protect your back, ribs and neck when you are falling of a horse.
you are using an air catridge to fill the west
Tommy is showing how it works. In the life jacet you've got an air cartridge that fills the west with air when falling of the horse.
showing the loop that release the air catrdigeTommy is showing the loop or wire that is connected to the horse and the aircatridge. When falling to the ground this wire release the cartridge to fill the west with air.
these yeallo wests I saw on the danish mounted police
These yellow ones I saw on the mounted police in denmark on stroeget. I show you some pictures here>>>.

strong horses
We also had a big event on Four in hand races>>>