It has been a lot of horse competitions this week in Gothenburg. Longines FEI European Championships Gothenburg 2017

nragebacken slottskogen
There where a lot of obstacels for four in hand marathon races during the saturday in Slottskogen. They started at Heden and then drove through the city to Slottskogen, took a lot of difficult obstacles on time and ther drove back again.

a lopt of loose dirt in bragebacken
On the wagon you've got three drivers. One in the front who is managing the reins, the one behind him knocks on the first mans shoulders to give directions and then you've got a jar slave bahind who is trying to keep the wagon straight when passing all these bars.time for next obstacle
Then it was time for 7 more obstacles.
quite muddy om a lot of areas
Some of the areas got quite muddy after all these horses.
crowdy in the main area
I've never seen so big audience in Slottskogen like this one. Perhaps it felt much more crowdy as the areas where fenced. I had problem getting good views for taking pictures here.

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