Shopping in Gothenburg, try the biggest flee market in Scandinavia

Every year you get an opportunity to visit a fleemarket in Majorna Gothenburg where all citisens are allowed selling their wardrobes on the street for free. This is an invention from the local tenants association in Majorna Gothenburg called ecological living where you are allowed to seel the stuff you does not use on the street. The first flee market where hold in may 2009 and got seucces on first day. Now you are able to see this flee market the last sunday every may. This year it was hold on the 29:th of may. I do not think I have seen so many people at the same time in Majorna Gothenburg.

hundreds of speculants

This is the pool by Alvsborgsplan where most of the sellers got plenty of room for their stands.

lot of clothes on the streets
I saw a lot of stands with clothes.

world strongest man
But lot other things like toys, ornaments and this pot taken from a mexican restaurant

This is one of these marketstands where the youngster in the family has decided that the hockey game and similar toys should be sold and changed to a xbox or tv game instead.

lot of pubs and restaurants
Near by you've got a couple of good restaurants where you enjoy the sun and food on the street.