Bothanical garden in Gothenburg has started its Gothenburg Green world.

Bothanical garden is displaying plants from the wild nature. At the moment you are able to see about 200000 wild bolbous plants. Everything from wild tulips to narcissus and iris plants.

fish market in center of town
We also ordered sunshine in Gothenburg this weekend so there is many visitors in the graden these days. The garden is exploding with different colours from thousands of plants.

joshua werber
In the small shop near the entrance you are able to see different kind of exhibitions like the "flower" artist Joshua Werber on his pictures from Instagram. Downstairs you also got many books to check, different lind of plants and a special kind of sweet like liquorice roots.

lot of food and cafées
Between the garden and Sahlgrenskas Hospital there is a nature reserve called "wood anemone valley" where the wood anemones are showing its beaty currently. lot of affordable shops
Wood anemone or wind flower as it is called in other places are a typical flower for our climate.

wild tulips
Some of the wild tulips you'll find in the garden just now.

snow flake
In the Rhododendron valley you'll find another bulb plant called snowflake that tell us that the spring is here. This is not a real wild growing flower because it where imported by the monks around 1200 BC to Sweden. This is the reason why it is often called monastery lilly in Sweden and Denmark.

rose rhododendron
These snowflakes you'll find in the south of Rhododendron valley. This picture shows an early Rosen Rhododendron or Rhododendron oreodoxa that loves the wet and shady valley here.

Unfortunately the restaurant are closed for the moment. Another owner will do a restauration and open again in May this year. You are able to get a cup of coffe, icecream and soda in the small shop by the entrance of the garden. Another idea could be making a picnick in the garden and use some of all the free tables, bench and benches instead. Try resupply in some of all the stores for swedish food by the harbour.

In a couple of weeks the cherry trees will show all their colours.