The onions in Bothanical Garden is giving flowers right now.

Bothanical garden got one of the worlds greatest collection on wild collected bulbs and tubes. Now it is time for watching their wonderful flowers.

strax innanför grinden har du massor av iris
Just nu blommar vårlökarna i botaniska. Alla är inte helt framme än men många. This is an iris iberica ssp. lycotis that, normally, lives in Georgia and Azerbadjan. You could read more about Iris iberica on wikipedia.

sockblomma, flowers of sulphur, berberidacea This is epimedium. Also known as Bishops hat. From the beginning a flower from south of China. Today they are popular garden flowers. In Sweden we just got one growing wild here and that is the Epimedium alpinum. You read more about these flowers in The Plant Lover's Guide to Epimediums (The Plant Lover's Guides).

Plantain Lily ´FIRST FROST´that prefers some shadow and wet earth. Isn't it beautiful? Read more about it in

och så alla dessa krokus
And then all these wonderful crocus that shows their flowers. This is a crocus chrysanthus or Goldeb crocus that grows everywhere these days. Both in the lawns and in the onion greenhouse. These are not wild from the beginning in sweden but you'll see them today in old gardens everywhere. You are able to read more about these in wikipedia.

crocus x leonidi
Another crocus. Leonidi. Grows wild in greece and south of europe.

crocus x leonidi
It is growing so you nearly are able to hear it in the onion greenhouse..

här kommer 7000 tulpaner om några veckor
Soon you,ll see 7000 tulips and 3500 scorpion grass in this cultivation.

restaurangen har öppnat

The restaurant is also open. Here you are able to get lunch, coffe, sandwiches a salat or just a bun. It is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00. In a month there will be japanese cherry flowers every where in the garden. They have already started blooming in China.

You'll see the location of bothanical garden on google maps>>>