Time for flowering cherries in Bothanical garden.

Right now the hanami starts in Bothanical garden, Gothenburg. Hanami means making a picknick and enjoy the cherryflowers in Japan. The spring is late here compared to both Japan and China. A couple of weeks ago I showed some cherryblossom in Wuxi China. See more here>>>

cherry flowers with decorations
You'll see flowers of dwarf cherries from the entrance.

a closer look on dwarf cherries These cherries you'll see in the wild in Sweden. Dwarf cherries or prunus incia. Should just be able to grow in zone 2 but see on the net that it actually grows all the way up to the arctic circle. They give wonderful white flowers in april-may.

nippon cherries
In the japan valley, bothanical garden, the Japanese alpine cherry are giving beautiful pink flowers. Read more about them on thompson-morgan.com.

with bumble bees
The flowers are occupied by hundreds of insects right now. Like this bumble bee.

tulips begins showing flowers
The tulips begins giving flowers this time of the year.

closer look

You'll see the location of bothanical garden on google maps>>>