Bothanical garden in Gothenburg is worth a visit even by autumn.

These days, by indian summer in september, you see a lot of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and flowers.

lot of plants and flowers during the autumn
Lot of people enjoys these days in the garden. This is a picture from behind the mirror pond by the entrance.

mushrooms excibition
This autumn they where showing an exchibition about our mushrooms you'll find everywhere. From the garden, forest to your own house.

Inside you are able to see a description on lot of different species. There is also a small note close to the mushrooms in different colours like green, yellow and red. The green ones say that you are able to eat these, the yellow one tells you that these does not taste good and the red ones is these who is toxic.bewrae this one is very toxic
This one is called toppig giftspindling in Sweden and, I beleive, Lethal webcaps in english. This one is quite sneaky because you do not feel anything until 3 or 4 days and then you are already poisoned. The result gives you malfunctional kidneys and, if you survie, it forces you to go on dialysys rest of life or a kidney transplantation.

all kind of apples
You are also able to see an apple excibition with most of apple species you'll find today.

hubdred of different apples
When you go inside you smell a wonderful fragrance of apples and you see description on most of the species inside here..

rose rhododendron

On the way up to the different displays you'll walk close to dahlias that are giving amazing flowers at the moment.

wonderful colours