Booksale 2017 in Gothenburg

people are out chasing books early in the morning every year
Every year, in the middle of februar, people who loves books in Sweden are out buying books to affordable prices. This is a picture from Akademibokhandeln(academic bookstore) on Kugsportsplatsen. I think Sweden is quite unique with this feature and I do not see these sales as tradition in any other countries around the world. In Sweden this is a tradition from beginning of the 20:th century. It began with some bookstores in the twenties that wanted to get rid of their old books. In the thirties different publishing houses agreed on arranging this booksale on same time every year. These publishers decided to use 15:th of februar for booksale every year and the days around that date. In the fourties eight big publishers announced their booksale to the first of Mars. Three of these big publishers made a common book sale catalog. Later in the fourties you saw 14 of these publishers in one catalog. The book sale was big during the fifties but decreased during the seventies. Anyway, it is still a big tradition in Sweden and if you are around here in the middle of this month you should visit the malls and bookstores to see what it is all about.

lot of food and cafées
You actually got an english bookstore on Rosenlundsgatan 3
This is a shop for students but you are able to find books in many different languages and also books about Sweden and Gothenburg.

This years books for sale

Usually the books written by Nobel prize winners are popular during this booksale. Last year we got a quite unusual winner in litterature. A musician with the name Bod Dylan.
I will visit some of the bookhops this week to hear what the staff think about this years booksale.
strange prize for litterature last year
Looks like tarantula by Bob Dylan gonna sell hard this year

The only novell written by this Nobel laureates in litterature last year.
Östra Hamngatan 42
Everything you'll need. Clothes, food, film, books.
got a lot of different warehouses, clothes, foodstores, restaurants and everything else you need. You also got buses, tram and trains near by.