Some pictures from this boatfair in Gothenburg. Gothenburg boatfair 2016

pictures of os sails rio 2016
I did not see too many sails during my trip to Gothenburg boat fair 2016. However most of our OS sailors where represented by their boats. Hanna Klinga and Lisa Ericssons 49er stands between all boats here. Hanna Klinga and Lisa Ericsson will compete in 49er during the summer olympics in RIO. Unfortunately the do not got any website yet but you could read more about their sailing club gkss on

hanna klinga and lisa erissons os boat
This is Lisa Ericssons and Hanna Klingas 49er. This is the boat they will use during os in Rio 2016. Read more about this boat on and about Hanna Klinga/Lisa Ericsson on facebook.

Rigid Inflatable Boats
A lot of Rigid Inflatable Boats where presented. Many with big engines on up to 400 hp. These machines easy makes 60 knots because their hull does not wheigh anything.

zodiac medine
This is a zodiac Medline 740 with 250 hp engine in the back. Read more about it on

powerful engine
A closer look on the 250 hp evinrude. It really looks big on this small boat.

light wheight body of polyeten
Another idea of making a light wheight and strong hull is making them from polyeten. These boats from whaly wheigs from 45 kg to maybe 90. They are euipped with engines from 2,5 hp to 60.

fast affordable boat
This whaly 370 does 20 knots with a 20 hp engine and you'll get it for less then 10000$.

rent a boat
These boats are used for renting by many harbours. This is a Whaly 440 with plenty of space inside and a 4 hp outengine in the back. Fully enough to take your children, friends and parents on a trip to the island.

interesting row boats
These rowing boats where seen just near the escalator to the second floor. This is an unsinkable rowing vessel that easy gets you to 5 knots and are used to get along the coast mostly in the stockholm archipelago. They are built like our old winking vessels. A more then thousand year old tradition with very flat hull, scuppers and drains that makes it safe in bad weather.

Wim Kotze
Wim Kotze told me that these boats got lot of place for luggage and they did not wheigh more then about 40 kg. Read more about Wim on facebook.

3 different boats
At the moment you've got three different designs on these boats. The left one is an explorer that are made for one or two rowers, the next one is called vagabond and is used for longer trips, and the last one a sculler you use for a single rower near the coast. Read more about these different boats on