Some pictures from this boatfair in Gothenburg. Gothenburg boatfair 2018

The boatfair where nearly as last year

I found some news.

inflateable catanaran
Like this inflatable catamaran from you pack it in three nags you see on the floor in front of the boat and then fill it up with an electric pump in 20 minutes. You are able to bring the boat with you in a normal combicar. The package wheighs about 50 kilograms.

nice design
I also got the opportunity to see some wonderful designs like this cormate T-27 from You are able to get this model with motor from 4.5 liters v6 with 250 hp to a big v8 with 600 hp. The last one is able to get a speed of 68 knots.

a picture from the rear
A picture from the rear side. .

Volvo ocean race is joining this event every year. 2018 we got one of the legs in Gothenburg and the boats are arriving by midth of june. I got some pictures in 2015. Check them out here>>> read more about Volvo Ocean race on

As usual you've got a lot of RC boats, a bassin where you are able to try a skiff, stand up paddling and canoes..

And a lot of different food.

The fair are open all week to next sunday the 11:th of februar. If you are in gothenburg this week then I think you should try it. Read more about the big event on