Some pictures from this boatfair in Gothenburg. Gothenburg boatfair 2017

The boatfair felt much bigger this year

I also see press releases that say the boatfair is totally filled with exhibitions.

massor av flytetyg
Quite crowdy with boats, scuffolds and people everywhere.

volvo ocean race, annika Niklin
Volvo ocean race where represented by Anna Nicklin from Akzo Nobel. Anna explained that the race starts this autumn and that the boats will arrive in Gothenburg next year. You'll see the route on

lite snurrigt
Just beside you had a monter for Tjorn round. The popular sailing race a couple of kilometers north from Gothenburg. This year you'll see the little race for kids the 13:th of august and the big one the 19:th of august. There is also a lot of other things going on during this week like a regatta and other races. Read more about this event on StenungsundsSS-Segling/tjornrunt/Inenglish

Just behind the monter you are able to try RC steered sailing boats in a bassin. Here are the DF 65 class where they are running a couple of competitions this year. It really gets quite exciting watching the races.

I saw a lot of smaller boats like steering console boats. Like these Busters from Yamaha. You'll find different sizes and equipments from 20000$ to 120000 $.

You'll also see a lot of motors for inboard. Like these from Hyundai. This is Kristoffer Hansson from Diesel Power AB . I asked about boats driven by solar energy and kristoffer told me that he had not seen any good solutions for this yet. Kristoffer claims that the biggest problem to solve here is the batteries. Kristoffer where also telling about the big problems dieseldriven boat engines had today. The diesel today is mixed with reuseable organic oil and this get bad during the winter. Cars with diesel is often used all year long while the boats are standing in harbours most of the times. During the winter the organic mix in the diesel often get infected by bacterias and stucked in the filters.

Another place that was exciting where "the hall for veteran boats". I actually won a small coy of a fishing boat on this lottery. You are able to buy lottery here for 20 skr each(about 2$). You are then supporting their activity for boats made in wood. If you've got a boat made of wood you are welcome to their wooden boats festival the 15:th to 16:th of july this year. Read more about their association on Translated to english here>>>

I see a lot of smaller boats for youngsters. A lot of waterscooters, inflatables, steering consoles and similar.

kawasaki sx-r
This is a kawasaki sx-r with a 152 hp motor. The weight is just 250 kg so it will go fast enough. I promise.

mycket vass scooter
And with ever bigger engines. Like this one who should be able to give 300 hp.

1800 cc motor
You'll see many different brands on water scooter, like yamaha. This GP 1800 should be able to deliver 260 hp and, ackording to, was this the fastest scooter they ever been testing. Take a look on This scooter is quite advanced. You are able to tune the vehicle while driving with a control on the left.

mindre scooter
There is also some more affordable like this VX cruiser with a 115 hp engine that should be enough for our youngsters. This one you are able to buy in sweden for 100000 skr(around 10 670$).

mindre scooter
On second floor you've got a lot of other things like clothes.

italiensk ost
And food like cheese, oliver, sausages. How would you be able to survive a day at the sea without italian cheese?

svenska fyrsallskapet
In the hall with veteran boats I also found these three gentlemen who where handeling the swedish Light society in Mariestad. These guys where keeping the lighthouses around Mariestad in order. They are working with renovating lighthouses around Mariestad just as a hobby and are trying getting support from people passing by here on the boatfair. You could read more about them on Translated with google

The boatfair is open all week. 12-20pm bankdays and 10-18pm next weekend. I promise there is a lot to see. Read more on