The ladies where much fewer then the men.

not quite so many ladies
The difference where also bigger. Maybe because there where a lot of younger girls that wanted to try a "real" race and to get some experience for their carees as bicycle-rider. The ladies race where shorter. Just half an hour plus three laps.

wonderful evening
The first laps for the ladies where also quite hard. A fight for the positions.

Here you see ladies from many different clubs, also a big differences in age and speed. I also saw lot more of tactics in this race. Someone tried to take down the speed for getting their riders close together or for someone of their team to win. Yes, ladies are more clever then the men.

As the guys the girls had a quite hard turn in to Kristinelundsgatan.

good places to sit and watch
Kristinelundsgatan is a good place to sit and enjoy the race. You've got pubs on both side of the street.

The winner of ladies where a Danish girl with the name of Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig from Cervelo Bigla racing team. You could read more about this fantastic girl on their website>>>