Welcome to the Christmas Fairs Gothenburg Sweden

In Gothenburg you'll find a lot of Fairs the weeks before Christmas. Usually you've got some snow by the end of November.
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Some fairs starts already by the middle of November. Our Tivoli Liseberg starts its Christmas Fair the 20:th of November. This Fair is nearly 100 years old and gives a lot of old atmosphere. This market you are able to see to the 23:rd of December.

christmas fair in Frolunda Gothenburg Sweden
The Christmas fair on Frolunda torg did have lot of visitors last year. Lot of people, stands and shopping. I got some pictures. See more here>>> It do not seem like they are continuing this tradition. Looks like they are shutting this christmas fair down. I'll give more information later on.

traditional christmas fairs in gothenburg
The christmas fair in Haga has started. I got some pictures. Check it out here>>>

beautiful fair th
Kronhusbodarna(the crownhouse sheds) is running a christmas fair from the first to the last advent, 30:th November to 21:th of December tuesdays to sundays 11:00-16:00.
You find it on google maps here>>>

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christmas fair
On Gustafs Adolfs Square close to Kronhusbodarna and Nordstan there is a real Fair with a lot of local traders who is selling everything from local food to lovicka-gloves(a very special kind of gloves that warmes in wintertime). Gustaf Adolfs square you also find on google maps>>>

Are you curious about the swedish christmastable or smorgasbord? Well you got 2 popular recipes here>>>

Jul i Kvarnbyn
is showing a lot of handcraft and gorgeous environment for christmas.
christmas fair frolunda
Try a county christmas table at Radisson Blu Gothenburg

The best deal here is a landscape christmas table(smorgasbord or swedish christmas feast) with one night in a good room and a fantastic breakfast table for just 90£ or 120€.
gothia tower christmas buffe
Liseberg will start their christmas fair the 18:th of November. Book a room on Gothia tower and you'll get a ticket to the fair on Liseberg.

Read more on lisebergs webpage here>>>

christmas table novotel
Christmas buffet at Novotel

Tuesday - Friday 12.00 and 18.00 Saturday 18.00 Sunday 14.00 from 24 November to 24 December. Evening 560skr(58€, 46£), lunch 480skr(40£, 50€), children free. You are also able to book a night with christmas buffet and a good christmas breakfast for 1205skr(124,6€, 99£)
see santa and all the handymen
During the Christmas fair, they offer guided tours of the castle. Take a hike back to the excitement of the 1700s. Hear the story of family life on Gunnebo and the architect Carl's dream and vision of the place. Saturday at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00. Price: 85 SEK / adult, children under 15 free with adult. Tickets are purchased in Gunnebo shop before the tour start. Limited seats / tour.
Gunnebo castle got Christmas Fair 29-30 november.
Read more on gunnebo.se>>>