You've got christmas fairs all over Gothenburg at the moment.

lot of colours and decorations
Lot of colours and many salesman in stands who love to tell you about our christmas traditions in Sweden.
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try some chocolate and marzipan
Bräutigams is offering free tasting of their chocolate and marzipan.
exciting sculptures
Pratoom Jamsson is a lady from Thailand that brought some of her ancesters craftmanship to Sweden. This is handmade sculptures made by wooden glue, skin oil, oilpaint and dough. Feels like plastic but are totally reuseable.

orchids that lasts
This is some of her creations. exchanged orchids(when your orchid has wilted). These are made of the same material and got a wire inside so you are able to turn thm the way you like..

some funny figures
Some of her figures. You are able to read more about her creations on

agnetas design
In another corner you'll meet Agneta Hansson that been joining this market for 25 years. Agneta loves colours and are mixing photos from the archipelago with her figures.
paintings, photos and jewellry
Agneta tells me she started with painting jewelry in 1983. She then started at art achademy and continued with painting and other sorts of art.
cutting boards with photo and painting
This is some of her cutting boards that contains of a picture in the background and painted figures in front. Lot of colours.
a colours kitch with music
This is one of her colourful paintings. Beside you'll see painted cups and also some silver bracelets, rings and similar. You'll see more of Agnetas creations on

taste soem jam and gluhwein
Close to Brautigams you'll find Gunilla Nasslin who offers you a taste on different jams, christmas mustard and Gloegg(a sort of swedish gluhwein).

taste some jam
Here you'll find different jams like cloudberry, blueberry, cowberry and raspberry jam.

bramble jam
You'll also find jam from a quite unknown berry called bramble or arctic raspberry. These plants grows in the north of sweden and are hard to find sometimes. You could, actually, find a liquer made by these berries called Mesimarja liquer. See more on . This company selling these different jams got the name FC agenturer in Fjärås. They do not got any homepage yet but I think you'll reach them by calling +46 300 544481 between 08:00-16:00 +1 GMT.