The little village kvarnbyn or "Millvillage" had its christmas fair this weekend.

old mill village Molndal
Saturday 2 of December and Sunday 3:rd of December there is lot of activity in this ancient part of molndal. Kvarnbyn or Mill Village is ancient village that got its name in the 14:th century and has been known as a place where you where able to mill your seed for thousands of years. The Molndals creek gave possibilities for smaller ships to reach the mills and other producers. This developed the opportunities to make your living in this part of West Sweden and a lot of people moved in here. During the last centuries like 17:th and 18:th centuries people made blankets and paper in these buildings. Due to the demand from the near by city of Gothenburg. Also textile industries developed at this place during the 18:th and 19:th centuries. Today you still got some of the buildings standing here and in them you'll see different companies from different kind of art studios to restaurants. You've got a museum on the top, a native and an industrial museum in the slope. You could read some more about this ancient village on swedish wikipedia translated to english by google translate here>>>
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You'll see other christmas markets in Gothenburg here here>>>

santa claus is selling christmas trees
You'll meet santa early on Gotaforsliden selling christmas trees. .
Annas design
Along the hill you'll see stands on the left in tents and in the old buildings where you find different crafts. I saw a lot of artists using recycled material for making cloths and other assessories. This is storis by Anna. You'll see more of her products on, translated to english here>>>

christmas fair
Lena Hansson is an artist from Varberg, about 60 kilometer south from Gothenburg, who makes all her collection in reused material.

worlds biggest cinnamon bun
Like these cases made from old bicycle tubes. You could read more about her products on, translatd to english here>>>

christina Lind
In another building I meet Chritsina Lind who is showing her different products in stoneware.
figures in stoneware
Like these statues of trolls and similar.
Tuesday - Friday 12.00 and 18.00 Saturday 18.00 Sunday 14.00 from 21 November to 21 December. Evening 560skr(58€, 46£), lunch 480skr(40£, 50€), children free. You are also able to book a night with christmas buffet and a good christmas breakfast for 1205skr(124,6€, 99£)
wases, cups and dishes
Also vases, cups and dishes from the same material. You see more of her products on In english>>>

taste some sausages
In Sweden people are eating tons of sausages. In one of the building you'll get the opportunity to taste some of Harrydakarlssons. There are also lot of stands with cookies, chocolate and sweets so you are not going home hungry.