The christmas fair started quite early in Haga this year

Lot of people and christmas fairs but the salesman told me there where no commerce yet.
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Some fairs starts already by the middle of November. Haga is an old working class neighbourhood from the 1700 where many shipbuilders lived. Gothenburg

You'll see other christmas markets in Gothenburg here here>>>

traditional christmas fairs in gothenburg
Most of the cafés where having a christmas stand just outside the café like café husaren on Haga Nygata(Haga new street). This café is known for setting record in Guiness books of records for making the largest sold cinnamon bun. Off course you got a record for cinnamon roll that is 4 meters in diameter and similar but they are not sold as an eatable cinnamon bun. These wheigh around 500 g, are about 30 cm in diameter and are sold for 40 skr(4€, 3£, 4$)
beautiful fair th
Most popular stands where these with food. This is one with different kind of jam like cloudberry, blueberry and apples. Here you also find local sorts of honey.

christmas fair
Ann-Christine and her husband travel all around Sweden selling different kind of paper for wrapping presents, postcards, scrap booking and similar. We have had this proffession in Sweden for many centuries and are called knallar here in Sweden. I beleive the english word for knallar is knoll or cheap jack. You can read what this couple sell on in english

Anne-Christine told me that she thought this was too early to start a christmas market in Gothenburg and thinks it is better just using the 4 weekends before christmas.

worlds biggest cinnamon bun
World biggest cinnamon bun. I promise you'll get satisfied by eating one of these.

gothia tower christmas buffe
Gothia towers or Krister Dahls Christmas Buffet
got an excellent buffet with admission to Liseberg amusementpark just a hundred meters from the hotel. The buffet costs 545-645 skr(56-67 € or 45-53£). You are also able to book it with accommodation and a great christmasbreakfast for 1166 skr(96£ or 120€).
christmas table novotel
Christmas buffet at Novotel

Tuesday - Friday 12.00 and 18.00 Saturday 18.00 Sunday 14.00 from 21 November to 21 December. Evening 560skr(58€, 46£), lunch 480skr(40£, 50€), children free. You are also able to book a night with christmas buffet and a good christmas breakfast for 1205skr(124,6€, 99£)
all kind of foodies

Looked like this on saturday the 21:th of November 2015.