Frolunda christmas fair

Frolunda square(Frölunda torg) got many visitors this weekend.

The reason could be that many of the visitors had been waiting for this big event. Västra Frölunda(Western Seedland) is situated 7 kilometers south from City of Gothenburg nad got a long history of fights between danes and suedes. For many centuries during the middle age this was the only way from Sweden to Kattegatt. You'll find a couple of cists from stoneage and a lot of burial munds from bronce/iron age. One you'll find om Vrangoe.
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traditional christmas fairs in gothenburg
This is Anders Alm who specialise in handcrafts of amber in sterling silver. Amber is very popular here in Sweden and Denmark. You are able to see some more of his work on
beautiful fair th
Another interesting exhibition was Tony Helpers different burned glass. This is a craftmans ship developed from the 50:ies space program where scientists tried to get a glass that could stand space and high temperatures. The glasses got different alloys burned in to the glass and gives a nice glittering appearance. You are able to see more on

christmas fair
Gunilla Wahlstrand is using used utensilis to create her handcraft. She is using old spoons and forks to shape different forms and then putting EPNS on top of them.

There was a lot happening this saturday(12:th of december). All the shops where opened and many visitors where browsing the different handcrafts stand on the bottom.

gothia tower christmas buffe
Gothia towers or Krister Dahls Christmas Buffet
got an excellent buffet with admission to Liseberg amusementpark just a hundred meters from the hotel. The buffet costs 545-645 skr(56-67 € or 45-53£). You are also able to book it with accommodation and a great christmasbreakfast for 1166 skr(96£ or 120€).
christmas table novotel
Christmas buffet at Novotel

Tuesday - Friday 12.00 and 18.00 Saturday 18.00 Sunday 14.00 from 21 November to 21 December. Evening 560skr(58€, 46£), lunch 480skr(40£, 50€), children free. You are also able to book a night with christmas buffet and a good christmas breakfast for 1205skr(124,6€, 99£)
all kind of foodies
Here are some of the creations.