The southern archipelago of Gothenburg, Vrango(Mockery island)

Vrångö(pronounce v-rongoe)

Vrango is another small island not far from Gothenburg. You´ll get also here by ferry from Saltholmen in Gothenburg. The name is quite difficult to translate but in swedish Vrång means difficult to work with. The isalnd got a couple of restaurants, hostels, asmall supermarket and a beautiful nature to see. Along the island you are able to walk on a small track near the water. On the island you got some nesting sites and burial places from the bronceage.
The nearest hotel to Vrångö is Styrsö Skäret- Click here

Nice little cosy hotel just by the sea.
another photo
All around the island you've got a small path or track where you pass a lot of different creeks and beaches. You also got a restaurant and some smaller barbeques summertime
yet another photo
You'll find three small harbours where you are able to just take a break and look on the different boats and houses around.

ferry from saltholmen
It takes about 45 minutes to get hear by ferry from saltholmen. Take your camera with you and get up on the higher deck. Take some pictures or just sit down and enjoy the view.
Check the schedule for ferry on>>>
tram saltholmen
Try the tram from city to saltholmen and then the ferry
You'll get out in the archipelago for nothing. Just buy a card in nearest pressbyran(kiosk) or similar for a noundred skr and you are able to see a lot in Gothenburg during a day. One good trip cpuld be this one to the southern archipelago.
ferry to island