Saltholmen offers a couple of good ferries for your journey in the southern archipelago

The tram number 11 transfer you to Saltholmen. You'll get the timetable on pdf here(in swedish).
another photo
The tram stops at Saltholmen and then travel back to city again. At this stop you´ve got plenty of kiosks with fruits, drinks, icecream, hamburgers, tobacco and all you need.
yet another photo
If you then walk a hundred meters to the right from the tram the ferry to the islands stands by. In daytime they go three times an hour and in weekends every half hour. With this ferry you are able to go all the way to Vrango(Vrangisland).
The nearest hotel to Saltholmen is Styrsö Skäret- Click here

ferry from saltholmen
It takes about 45 minutes to get to Vrango by ferry from saltholmen. Fetch your camera and get up on the higher deck. Take some pictures or just sit down and enjoy the view. Check the schedule for ferry on>>>

from this picture you'll find Fiskebäck.Aspero