The southern archipelago of Gothenburg, Köpstadsö(Buycityisland). Pronounced as cheusseu by locals here.

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This island is a wonderful little place with old houses from the time of shipowners. On the north side you'll find an old shipyard and along all the tiny roads these shimens old houses.

The island is mentioned in some writings from 1254 AD where the swedish king Birger Jarl, The Norwegian King Hagen Hegenson and the danish king Cristopher in Slaep, near Kungsbacka, agreed on leaving this island to Sweden. You are able to get out here with the ferry from Saltholmen Will take about 15 minutes and is very affordable See more on>>>
view from stop of ferry on styrso The ferry from saltholmen moors at the old steamboat bridge.

you are not allowed to drive cars on styrso
From the bridge you've got a steep hill before you'll reach the nice village.

Lot of alleys and old houses along the island..här finns många småvägar perfekt för cykel
The only allowed vehicle on this island is a wheelbarrow so you don't see any traffic here. view from south styrso
Some of the village from one of the hills here. When I visited this island in the beginning of april there where a lot of flowers. I'll show you some here.

wonderful blue flowersspring in the archipelago of Gothenburgclose flowersyeallow butter flowers

then take the ferry to Braennoe
From Köpstadsö you should try the little ferry to Styrsoe or Braennoe.