The swim and run race islandrun where an enjoying event to see out in our achipelago this weekend.

Southern archipelago Oennered

There where 233 registered for the long run where they run 33 kilometer and went swimming 5,7. They where competing in running over the islands and then swim between them. In the shorter distance there where 178 who where registered. It was crowdy in the start but they did not have to hurry because the time started first when they passed the start line.

I got some information about their gear from these two guys, Patric Nordbrandt & Marcus Hultin, who where representing a team called woodwinds. When they swim in team they'll have to swim with a dsictance not longer then 10 meters and that is the reason for using the wire between them. I also saw some got a kind of flippers but Patric told me that they did not find any advantages using them so they where satisfied with a kind of paddles on their hands instead.

strtane gick klockan 10
The first rund went of by ten o clock this saturday morning. 5:th of august 2017.

alla sag taggade ut
Lot of determination in the faces. At least in the start.

lang simtur
Then they had to swim about 600 meters.

manga simmare
We saw a lot of swimmers the first 15 minutes.

warm temperature
It looked cold in the water but the sauna club on Styrso declared that the water where more then 19 degrees warm. I also touched the water and it, actually, felt lukewarm.

heja alla
It was a perfect weather so nearly all inhabitants on the island where out cheerin the participants.

You are able to see the results on

känsö skulle paseras, här diskuteras om de skall springa en liten bit till eller hoppa i på första bästa ställe
Down by the bridge in harbour you where able to go with a boat for the spectators. This is Kanso where the participants try to find a good spot for going in to the water and then cross the sea for the next island. This is some participants discussing if they should jump in here or run a couple of meters more to save distance of swimming.
oh, it looks steep
It looks steep here and many runners hesitates.

till slue kommer iväg
Eventually they get away.

upp pa vargo
Then it was time to conquer Vargo. The next island.

annorlunda publik
On this island they got a slightly different audience in the shape of sheeps. I wonder what the sheep where thinking.

farjan korde oss tillbaka
Our spectaots boat then went back to Styrso where we could follow the runners between the houses. Many happy runners.I give you some pictures here.

team 65

team 80

team 80 closer

manga glada lopare

glada springare

View from beach in Önnered. Straight to the right(north) from this picture you'll find Fiskebäck.Aspero

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