The northern archipelago of Gothenburg, Hoenoe(Hönö)

This island is quite popular in Sweden. You got just 25 kilometers to the city and a lot of nice places to just relax, take a beer, a good dinner or see some culture from the coast.

In every supermarkey in Sweden you are able to buy the famous Hoenoekaka(Hoenoe bread) and you are still able to visit some of the original bakeries that started in 1934 on this island and became very famous in Gothenburg. They started some kind of café on the island where they are baking these Hoenoekakan in old stoneovens but I think the best deal is to visit the bakery in Torslanda where you are able to buy bread that are not meeting the standards for shape for an affordable price. You'll find this bakery on Nordhagsvägen 16, Torslanda. Not far from the ferry to Honoe amd Oeckeroe. You'll see it on google maps>>> . You should visit the "Bräckboden" here. Read more on

view from stop of ferry on styrso
You got a fishing museum near the harbour where you are able to see more about the old history on fishing in Sweden during the last centuries. They also got a lot of stories and photos on boats and how they managed saving a german and swedish uboat during the second world war. Unfortunately they do not have any english websight but you could always enjoy some of the photos in their gallery. Check it out here>>>

plenty of things to do on Hono
Hotel and restaurant Trubaduren
is placed near the harbour with a nice view over the sea and island. Here you hire a double room for about 150€ a night. Breakfast included. On the hotel you´ve got bowling, tennis, massage, a nice restaurant and pub. They also arrange different events like lobster safari from 23 september to 9 november where you are able to try catching lobsters and then cook them in the kitchen. Other events are midsummer(a tradition you´ll have to try in Sweden), christmas smorgasbord(a special swedish traditional dish with lot of food) and lot of other events during the year. Check this out>>>
Free ferry to ockero
The easiest way to get here is by bus 24 from Centralstation. It takes you out in 40 minutes. You then have to step off the bus and take the free ferry to Oeckeroe(Öckerö). Then you could either walk 3 km to Hönö Klåvan or use bus 291. The bus gets here in 12 minutes.

view from south styrso
You´ve got plenty of other islands to the north like Bjorko(Björkö means Birchisland). These are also equipped with free ferry between the islands.

from this picture you'll find Fiskebäck.Aspero